Valve maintenance and installation operation

The installation and use of the valve are closely related to the maintenance of the valve, which needs careful operation. Even small mistakes should be avoided. The long-term use of the valve without defects can improve the project quality. For small valves, how to maintain them to meet people’s maximum expectations? In order to better familiarize those who need to know this direction, I will summarize and explain here.

1, before installing the valve, carefully check the logo and the instructions of the certificate of conformity on it to ensure correct installation. In addition, clean the inside of the valve before this to avoid magazine gambling on the nozzle.

2, as the key button of the switch, the valve can be installed in all required places on the pipeline. If the transmission device is connected, it shall be installed vertically, which is conducive to the operation and inspection of valve maintenance

3, the valve shall be installed in accordance with the direction of medium flow. Make the flow direction of the medium consistent with the arrow direction marked by the valve body.


4, the connecting parts between the valve and the pipeline shall be tightened according to the diagonal direction for many times, and shall not be tightened at one time, which is easy to cause uneven stress and leakage at the connection.

5, the sealing bite is appropriate. It is not suitable to be too tight or too loose. Keep the balance to prevent sundries from entering the inside of the valve and scratching the sealing surface. If pressure test is required, the pressure at both ends shall be consistent.

6, when opening the valve, turn the hand wheel clockwise. When closing, turn the hand wheel counterclockwise. Rotate the valve in place according to the opening and closing instructions.

Finally, there are many kinds of valves. Although they can’t be listed here, they all have instructions for reference. The maintenance of each valve is different, and it is not easy to copy. Before starting the operation, master the method first, and then implement it.

Gate Valve Installation & Maintenance Instructions

Gate Valves of all materials and seat types are easy to use and long lasting when they are installed and maintained correctly. The installation technique varies slightly for different end connections (eg. flanged vs rolled groove vs victaulic) but the other instructions remain the same.

Storage Conditions

  • To protect the seat and seals do not unpack the valves until they are ready for installation. By doing this you are protecting the valve from dust and debris which may eventually cause seat leakage.
  • Keep in a cool well ventilated space if storing for a longer period of time.