Our Services

We are a famous Industrial Valve supplier who not only provides a wide range of valve products but also excellent valve solutions.

First, the pre-sale service: To achieve the top technology and sales services, allowing users to purchase each have a service experience.
① Before the procurement of product technology communication and exchange, take the initiative to give advice.
② in the choice of product model to consider whether the lowest cost of maximizing industrial and mining efficiency.
③ can not meet the requirements of industrial and mining, according to the special requirements of customers, designers reasonable arrangements to improve.

Second, the sale of services: Respect each user; Give users a relaxed, rest assured the overall value of services.
① cost-effective: than the price, quality, service, reflect whether there is no place.
② strictly in accordance with the relevant standards and technical requirements for valve testing and testing.
③ in the process of cooperation, in accordance with the contract, quality and quantity on-time delivery, at any time to maintain contact with the user.
④ During the production period, relevant technicians may come to our company for product supervision and inspection. At the same time, our company will provide the structural drawings and detailed documentation of the products to make supervision documents.
⑤ on special industrial and mining or custom-made products, professional and technical personnel can consult the site guidance.
⑥ my company in the phone before the product model, caliber, number, number of confirmed.

Third, after-sales service: First-class service to create the first-class enterprise so that customers worry-free.
① According to the contract to provide product certification, production license, inspection reports, installation instructions.
② Customers in the process of acceptance of the product, if there is inconsistency with the contract requirements, I received the Division within two hours after the notice given to customers.
③ Division I provide 12 months of the product warranty period, time from the acceptance date of calculation.
④ In the correct installation and use of the product quality problems, the company will be responsible for in the end.

Warranty replacement promise:
① In the normal storage, installation, maintenance, use conditions, due to product quality problems can not be used normally, to provide three guarantees four packages: quality, quantity, timely protection, repair, replacement, return, package loss.
② When receiving the feedback of quality information, it will put forward the handling suggestion within 24 hours and reach the site within 100 hours for handling.
③ According to the user needs to provide spare parts, spare parts and installation, commissioning and maintenance services.

These are our services:

Sales service

Respect the customer; Give one of customer rest assured one light, one pleasant surprise; Devoted to improving the customer’s whole value.
(1) Deliver goods to the customers in guarantee period .
(2) Confirmation in advance of the products.
(3) Recommend achieving high service system to the customer.
(4)Provide kinds of valves with high cost performance.
(5)Offer you an excellent Shipping / Logistics service.
(6)Professional testing staff, valet valve inspection.
(7)Internet Order Tracking System, allowing customers to track the status of order implementation at any time.

After service:

Improve customer’s whole value, let customers not have worry.
(1) Help users to draft the initial construction scheme.
(2) Look for and unsatisfied with users potentially actively, complain about recycle treatment.
(3) Train the attendant live.
(4) Patrol and examine the equipment regularly.
(5) Fast voluntarily, arrange the reason live.
(6) Guarantee the fittings and deliver goods to the customers.
(7) Follow-up service of the key project .
(8)Launch great items of maintenance business.
(9) Offer the overbalanced service.
(10)Offer the chance of the exchange of technology.

Pre-sale service:

As the good customer’s staff officer and assistant, let every one of users’ make the investment and obtain the generous repayment.
(1) Choice of the type of the equipment.
(2) According to the customer’s special requirement, design and make the products.
(3) Train the technical staff for the customer.
(4) Offer the technological consultation of new, special, difficult construction or draft the suitable construction scheme.
(5) According to the customer request, provides the CAD Simplified blueprint to the customer confirmation .

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