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A ball valve is a shut off valve that controls the flow of a liquid or gas by means of a rotary ball having a bore. By rotating the ball a quarter turn (90 degrees) around its axis, the medium can flow through or is blocked.


A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a barrier (gate) out of the path of the fluid. Gate valves require very little space along the pipe axis and hardly restrict the flow of fluid when the gate is fully opened.


A globe valve is a type of valve used for regulating flow in a pipeline, consisting of a movable plug or disc element and a stationary ring seat in a generally spherical body. … This has an opening that forms a seat onto which a movable plug can be screwed in to close (or shut) the valve.


A check valve relies on a pressure differential to work. They require a higher pressure on the input side of the valve than the output side to open the valve. When the pressure is higher on the outlet side (or the input side pressure is not high enough), the valve will close


A Y strainer, sometimes referred to as a wye strainer, is designed to mechanically remove solids and other particles from fluids. They are an essential component in numerous fluid control applications to ensure no down-stream component is affected by particles within the fluid.


Industrial Flow Control Manufacturer STV supplies other Industrial Products and Special Valves, pipe, pipe fittings, Flow Control Products, such as Gaskets, Sight Glass, Foot Valve, etc.

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We take quality seriously, knowing that your factory, sometimes depend on our products. Product quality, safety and effectiveness are the foundation of our design and development processes, manufacturing procedures and quality management systems.

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STV VALVE is certified as a valve manufacturer external bodies as ISO, CE, API etc.

Competitive Pricing

STV VALVE manufacture industrial valves, Our self-owned casting factory uses CNC machining in whole production process which keeps our price cheaper than other China Valve Manufacturers and the making delivery is more timely.


STV VALVE offers customized services like heating jackets adaptations, pipe connections valve modifications, valve repairs or technical advice.

30 Years Experience

With over thirty years experience in the market for industrial valves, STV VALVE has positioned itself as an leading company in the industry.

Great Support

We strive especially in providing personalized service and added value to our customers.


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